Welcome to stay with us at Apartment 13. A luxury hotel apartment in Bodija Ibadan. We are available to offer the following services to you.

Family apartment rental

Give your family a good time when next you are in Ibadan Nigeria. We offer a unique home experience for your family, a place that will feel like home and match the experience of home anywhere in the world.

Group apartment rental

A group of 6 to 8 persons or pair can rent the apartment for their stay. If you happen to find yourself in Ibadan either for work or play or both. We don’t rent a single room, We give you the sense of freedom of being in total control.


Couples’ retreat.

Just like in the movie, We provide a luxury apartment and programs for couples who are friends and want to share a good time together. Call Eni to make a reservation. Packages may include children or exclude them.


Family Reunion

Maybe you have been thinking of having a family reunion for now, Maybe venue has been the issue,  Rejoice, cos now you have a place in Ibadan. Apartment 13 offers a large house for rent for a big family fiesta.

Fortified with “A” class swimming pool with water sports facility, a home theatre with 3D Cinema


Bachelor’s Party

Apartment 13 is a good environment for a bachelor’s party. It is cool serene and leisure driven. Pool party, rooms and mini games are available to make the evening a good one